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Medical Mission Schedule

Mission FAQ

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Q1: Can people with no medical background join?

A: TRMPC welcomes anyone who is willing to give out a hand to volunteer. Non-medical professionals can assist in areas such as website design/manage, articles translation, foreign language interpretation, kitchen assistance, supply distribution, field research, patient registration, transportation, document orgnization, etc.

Q2: How can I join a medical mission?

A: First, please check the annual mission schedule on TRMPC's website, then submit an application form. If the particular mission is already full, please select another available one to attend.

•  First timer please download and submit the "New Volunteer Application Form". Previously participated volunteers can apply online, by phone, or email to tradm@taiwanroot.org
Q3: Is it required to participate in a domestic mission before joining an international one? Can I just join an international one?

A: TRMPC has neither pre-selection, nor interview or pre-mission meeting.  Therefore, it is important to make sure the volunteer can fit in with TRMPC's mission style before accepting the volunteer onto an international one, since there will be more challenges to overcome. Therefore, volunteer is strongly recommended to attend a domestic mission to begin with. 
Q4: What are the other ways to contribute?

A: TRMPC welcomes donations in forms of cash, medicine, supplies, etc, or project cooperations. TRMPC welcomes everyone to participate in whatever way he/she possibly can, and corportion participation is welcomed as well. 

Q5: What else to know when attending a medical mission?

A: All domestic missions are FREE of charge, and the team meets at 02:45AM (yes, in the morning) at the door of Taiwan University in Taipei, and leaves at 03:00AM sharp. All transportation and meals are arranged by TRMPC during the missions. Volunteers shall bring their own tooth brushes, tooth pastes, sleeping bags, and reusable dinerwares (cups, bowls, chopsticks and/or spoons). 

Volunteers have to pay a set amount of fees for international missions, fees vary depend on the locations, and donation receipts can be issued for the mission fees. Pre-mission instruction will be emailed to attending volunteers and also published on TRMPC's facebook page. 

Q6: Is there a space/weight limitation for bring along items?

A: Must have items are: tooth brushes, tooth pastes, sleeping bags, and reusable dinerwares (cups, bowls, chopsticks and/or spoons). Domestic missions have no space limitation, volunteers can bring whatever is needed in a reasonable range. International missions have space limitation of 1 carry-on luggage per person, all check-in luggages are for mission equipments and medicine only.


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