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Professional Training

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Professional Training

1. In 2002, Dr. Wu of TRMPC was sent to the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in U.K. to study and research in Tropical Medicine and Diseases.

2. In 2003, Research Projects in national and international medical needs in remote areas, and medical and educational systems connections.

3. In 2004, TRMPC invited a scholar team of four medical professionals to lecture and demonstrate in Republic of Ghana, and Federal Republic of Nigeria in Africa on the topics of malaria and infantile paralysis. The team also addressed effective ways of prevention and cure based on the experiences of the same situation in Taiwan fifty year ago.

4. In 2006, an eight-member medical scholar team was gathered to visit medical and dental schools in Republic of Ghana,  Uganda, and Republic of Kenya, to interchange experiences on AIDS prevention, disease infection control, and dental clinical techniques.

5. In 2006, a surgical team was sent to Somaliland, Africa for demonstration and providing training to local medical professionals. A dentist training program was under evaluation at the same time.

6. In 2007, researched and studied at the London School of Economics and Politial Science, and also visited INGOs in France and Swiss Confederation.

7. In 2009, ten medical professionals were appointed by the Ministry of Medical Services, Republic of Kenya to accept a six-month medical training program cooperated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan), Taipei Medical University, and TRMPC. The program was officially started on November 16th, 2009 at Taipei Medical University. 

Volunteer Training

1. Self career and value evaluation

2. Self evaluation and EQ management

3. Understand TRMPC's medical services and history

4. Familarize with NGOs and NPOs

5. Learn about countries and its historical background that TRMPC has serviced

6. Domestic mission experiences sharing and exchanging

7. International mission experiences sharing and exchanging

8. TRMPC's electronic medical record system operation training

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