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Medical Report


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2012.08.25 Prensa Libre Taiwan apoya jornadas medicas en el pais
2012.07.25 Sri Lanka Newspaper Sri Lanka Newspaper
2011. 02.26 Taiwan News Taiwan's medical group offers free health care to over 45 poor countries
2010. 09.15 Macro News Providing free consultations all over the world-The Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps brings glory to Taiwan's health care
2008. 09.03 La Prensa Delegacion Medica de Taiwan
2008. 08.14 La Prensa Llega brigade medica taiwanesa 
2008. 06.11  National Express Cover Page
2008. 06.11 Island Sun  Taiwan Provides free medical service 
2008. 05.11  Solomon Star  Local s take advantage of free medical service
2008. 02.17 

Times of Swaziland Sunday

Taiwanese ambassador just loves Swazis 
2008. 02.12 The Swazi Observer  Taiwanese medical experts in the country 
2007. 12.28 Taipei Times  TRMPC president Liu Chi-chun said that seeing the needs of the poor 
2007. 09.23  ROSTROS  Eduardo Chen Despide a medicos 
2006. 12.03  EL NORTE  Brigadas por la salud en San Luis de Agualongo 
2003. 08.20  The Point  Embassy of the republic of china(Taiwan)
2003. 08.19  Daily Observer  Taiwan offers free medicare 
2002. 09.18 Taiwan News An NGO gives love to those in need
Taiwan Root goes to the grassroots
2002. 03.04  The Swazi Observer  Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps donate Medicine
2000. 02.28 Taipei Time  Taiwanese medical group leaves for Liberia

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