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Sri Lanka Rainstorm: In Need of Medical Volunteers!

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Recent rainstorms and floods in Sri Lanka have resulted in 91 deaths and 110 people gone missing.

Taiwan Root will travel to Sri Lanka to provide immediate relief from 6/2-6/11. We are in need of medical professionals and volunteer members.

Please leave a message through FB or visit our website to register. 

Flight schedule:

06/02 (Fri) (SQ877)14:20 Depart:TPE        18:45 Arrive: Singapore 
06/02 (Fri) (SQ468)22:40 Depart:Singapore     23:55 Arrive: Colombo 
06/11(Sunday) (SQ469)01:10 Depart: Colombo     07:40 Arrive: Singapore
06/11(Sunday) (SQ878) 11:55 Depart:Singapore    16:40 Arrive: TPE


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