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Worldwide Vision

Academic Research

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Academic Research:
1.)       Survey and analyze the behavior patterns and medical needs of patients in the remote areas of Taiwan
2.)       Analyze the influence of Taiwan’s AIDS prevention measures on the attitude and behavioral patterns of AIDS
3.)       Survey and analyze the professional training received by Taiwanese medical personnel in regards to AIDS
            treatment and their willingness to deal with AIDS patients
4.)       Survey and analyze tropic diseases of the aboriginal people living in the South American Amazon River Basin
5.)       Provide AIDS testing for servants of Taiwanese living in Lady Brand City, South Africa  
6.)       Survey and analyze parasitical diseases of Swaziland
7.)       Examine the influence of chewing betel on oral health
8.)       Survey and analyze oral epidemiology in Bolivia and Paraguay
9.)       Survey and analyze lifestyle conditions of aboriginal people supported by TRMPC
10.)     Clinical-surgery demonstration project in Somaliland
11.)     Nurse training and infectious disease control project in Somaliland
12.)     In 2007, TRMPC cooperated with the Taiwanese National Youth Commission to conduct the “Taiwan’s
            International Youth Action” project; this project led to the “Love Teeth Action” project which encouraged
            primary school children in Somaliland to take initiative in promoting oral health care
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