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Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps (TRMPC) is a private, non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life through medical services and health education. Founded in 1995, by the vision of Dr. Chi-Chun Liu, TRMPC joined talented medical personnel with enthusiastic volunteers to form a medical service group.

By providing primary health care and disseminating health information, Taiwan Root offers temporary relief and builds foundations for sustainable health care systems in the future. TRMPC believes that medical service should transcend national borders and exceed the limitations of politics, race, and religion. It holds as its end goal a united international community working in cooperation to bring about equitable access of healthcare to all populations.

Where We Work


Initially, TRMPC focused on bringing medical care to indigenous populations inhabiting remote mountain areas of Taiwan. These communities, troubled by increasing problems of poverty, alcoholism, and teenage prostitution, have a much lower standard of living than the rest of the island. Poor transportation further marginalizes the population and hinders ready access to medical services. In 1998, TRMPC extended its services to populations in developing nations. Since then, TRMPC has provided free medical care to isolated populations, served in refugee camps, and treated victims of natural disasters. Included in the areas served by Taiwan Root are Bolivia, India, Indonesia, Liberia, Macedonia, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Swaziland, and many other countries.TRMPC has been to 47 countries , conducted 343 medical mission trips both domestic and internationally by August 2017. With total 15,775 volunteers joined and 263,980 patients seen (with medical records).

What We Do

TRMPC sets up temporary medical service clinics in different mountain areas of Taiwan every month. Doctors, dentists, and volunteers provide free medical care as well as educational health material to the local population. TRMPC works to improve the local communities’ current condition and offers resources for developing self-reliant health care systems.

On international medical service trips, TRMPC extends medical services to the most needy populations, conducts research on tropical diseases and HIV/AIDS, and promotes community-based health education.

TRMPC also fosters connections with other international health NGOs. By overcoming differences among nations, TRMPC uses mutual understanding to create cooperative international health initiatives and local capacity-building projects.

Symbol of Taiwan Root

Taiwan Root's symbol: the oracle bone script for bamboo. The red color symbolizes love.
Taiwan Root's cap: the black coloring along with the red bamboo script symbolizes steadfastness.
Domestic medical mission's vest: the white color with the Taiwan Root's name and symbol printed in the front represents purity and professionalism.
Foreign medical mission's uniform: the khaki shirt and black pants represent a readiness for field action. 



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